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Since 1998, Jet Productions has been successfully providing private aircraft for entertainment tours and production travel. Arranging a jet for a band tour or production is a complex process that involves planning complete itineraries, researching distances from airports to venues, checking on curfews for late-night departures and arrivals, and much more. We are on your team and devoted to expertly managing every single detail, ensuring the utmost in safety and comfort.


We begin by sourcing available jets and providing bids with aircraft options using our worldwide database of private jet aircraft. All quotes include aircraft photographs, spec sheets, seating diagrams, and crew information. We provide a breakdown of all charges so that you can budget your tour.

On Tour



Before the tour, we customize your aircraft, anticipating the needs and requests of all onboard. This includes stocking the aircraft to include favorite movies, beverages, and snacks — even special gourmet foods from particular restaurants— all to create the most comfortable, personalized environment throughout your tour. Consider us your personal concierge: No request is too large or too small, and we make every effort to accommodate your every need.


We also arrange Catering (sample menus are available) and, upon request, point-to-point Ground Transportation for the duration of your tour. We're there to guarantee that your car or limo is standing by, awaiting your arrival.



24-Hour Support


Jet Productions is available for round-the-clock support for the duration of your tour, personally monitoring your trip from the earliest planning stage to the last flight home. Our state-of-the-art flight-tracking equipment allows us to be hands-on during each moment of your journey. We become part of your team, coordinating every aspect of your trip with your travel agent, tour manager, hotel, and ground support. We have built our reputation with this hands-on approach, one trip at a time. At Jet Productions, every single detail is important to us to ensure your comfort, safety, and successful tour.


Entertainment industry references are available upon request.

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